12 thoughts on “Tso Moriri

  1. Ganguli dear – Read it twice. For the description as well as the images. Captivating – thanks for sharing. Would have loved to see Aahans drawing of the bird. Haven’t camped ever in harsh conditions so just curious – lighting up a fire wasn’t a possibility? Or was it going to be too temporary and inadequate for the cold. How come the lake was so deserted except for the horses etc. Many more questions which I will save for a later day. Keep traveling and writing-serving us vicarious pleasure and some helpful nudge to take our own mini adventures. The repeated reminder about breathlessness and headache was appropriate reality check!


    1. Thank you, Sankalp for this beautiful note. Your questions are very pertinent; hence I feel compelled to answer them, pls forgive the intrusion. The lake-side is extremely windy, hence lighting a fire becomes very hard. Also, vegetation is very sparse in Ladakh, as it is a cold desert, so you’d hardly ever see trees – logs/twigs/wood are very hard to come by to these parts. This also compounds the problem of breathlessness. Tso Moriri, in particular, is very remote, we had to drive many hours through entirely rocky terrains to reach here. But once you do reach, it will be a sight; you’d never forget.


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